Kill Screen

He created the most advanced computer program ever made…and it drove him to suicide.



After video game designer Jack Valentine finds his best friend’s body floating in a bathtub, he immediately begins an investigation to uncover the real reason behind his friend’s sudden suicide. As Jack digs deeper into his friend’s personal effects, he makes a startling discovery that upends everything he knows about human intellect and forces him to confronted his own personal demons. However, in order to uncover the truth, Jack will have to put his career, his love life, and his sanity on the line.

Set in the heart of tech culture in the mid-’90s, Kill Screen offers an unprecedented look into the workings of the video game industry. Tapping into his decade of journalistic experience, Benjamin Reeves offers a detailed history of artificial intelligence while exploring the themes of loss, personal forgiveness, and the social issues surrounding our ever-advancing technological culture.